September 21, 2020

How to Format a Narrative Essay?

Narrative essay tells a story about the real-life experience. A good narrative essay should capture the imagination and leave positive aftertaste. Good essay writer should place personal experience within larger theme show the lesson learned. To write an effective essay the writer should not only tell an interesting topic, but also show the story’s meaning.

The format plays a very important role in the reader’s perception. Five main steps will help the writer to organize an essay.
State what is the purpose of your telling the story? Tell whether the essay is the goal to inform or entertain the reader.
Establish the context of the essay early in the beginning. Follow the basic guidelines: tell who did what, where and when.

Point of view

There are two options for writing a narrative essay: in first person narrator or third person narrator point of view. It is forbidden to use second person narrator (you). The first person narrator provides the best perspective if the writer is part of the action. If the action described in the essay is event based upon other sources, it would be better to use third person narrator. After making decision upon a point of view, the writer should stay consistent with it.
In order to make the story clear and transparent, the writer should use a number of details. However, it is important to choose only relevant facts and details, related to the topic.


A narrative essay should follow chronological timeline. To make the story more interesting, the writer should use flashbacks as long as the reader can clearly follow them. Most narratives are told with the past tense. It emphasizes described experience. If several tenses are used, do not forget to keep them consistent.

Writing process has a great influence on the future essay format. It allows students to get better results by following 5 specific steps. The following tips will help you to follow essay format with the help of basic steps of writing.

Narrative Essay Prewriting

Prewriting phase has particularly important role in writing a narrative essay. It allows a student to think about his life experience in the context of the given topic. When the student chooses the topic, he should keep in mind that the incident he describes should be significant for the writer as only in this case the essay will be successful. The emotional connection between the writer and the topic will be more effective.

After selecting the narrative essay topic, a writer should concentrate his attention on recalling details. The smallest detailes such as time and date, weather and season, place and setting should be included into the essay. These small details can easily communicate great ideas. Creating of the outline can also be very helpful.

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Narrative Essay Drafting

The outline will help the writer to create the initial draft of the narrative essay. The focus should be on making the story come into the life. To do it effectively the writer may use some of the techniques presented below:

  • Write the essay in the first person.
  • Do not gloss over the important details, as it will skew reader’s understanding.

Use as many vivid descriptions as possible to illustrate the main idea of the essay. It will help you to involve the reader and grasp his attention.

Narrative essay is non-fiction story. However, it would be a benefit if the writer uses plot-building techniques and include some tiny elements of fiction.

Narrative Essay Revision

Revision part is created for students to review, modify and reorganize the work from the draft with the main goal of making it perfect. While revision the writer should think about the following considerations:

  • Does the essay have easy for understanding the events progress?
  • Are there any elements that can confuse the reader?
  • Does the essay involve the audience into the experience described in it? Are there any details that distract reader’s attention?
  • Is the essay written in the descriptive of informative way?
  • Was the main message of the essay conveyed successfully? Is there a connection between the experience and the meaning the writer is implying?

Editing process includes proofreading and error correction of the almost ready essay. When it is done, the writer can publish the essay or present it to the class.

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