September 21, 2020

How to Select Cause and Effect Topics?

A good cause and effect essay topic requires well build connections of the reasons the things happen and the consequences they might have. The topic should not be superficial as it has to reveal the true reasons of some aspect or situation in reality and affecting the society in general and each person particularly. The brightest examples of cause and effect essays are the essay on global warming or pollution having an influence on the life of the whole humanity.

Also the writer can do the writing on subject based of his own life. The great idea is to write about something you are experience or truly passionate about. If there is something that intrigues or concerns you, or just is enchanting to investigate, more likely it would be an excellent idea for your essay topic.

How to start writing an Essay?

For a start you may define purpose of the essay you are about to write. Is your purpose to persuade people at some standpoint, to explain some event or idea, to educate about some person, place or thing, or anything else? Whatever topic you choose must fit that purpose.

Then familiarize yourself with some readings to reveal and write down some interesting subjects and to see the amount of the material available on this subject. В There are endless number of topics can be detected no matter what the purpose of your essay will be.

You may choose the common subject or proceed with a brainstorming to generate new ideas. Do not be afraid to sound silly and do not evaluate yet the subjects you are uncovering. Just write everything that comes to your mind.

Actual Writing Prompts

It you came up with a few topics; just simply consider each one individually. Be sure it is subjects you are particularly well informed about otherwise do some more research. The most important factor in picking up a topic is the number of ideas you have about it.
One more thing to consider in finding a good topic is to figure out if you essay is to overview general aspects or to analyze specific issue? If it should be an overview then you are probably ready move on in the essay-writing process. Otherwise make sure your topic is more specific. В You may proceed with choosing a narrower topic to discuss.
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Narrow the Topic

To narrow your topic, divide it into several smaller topics and then just pick one more interesting for you or one that is more supported with additional information. Remember the topic should be limited, do not overdo it. Also keep in mind that an extremely narrowed topic cannot make effective presentation.

For example, the topic Wildlife in Alaska is a general one and quite suitable for overview. But for writing a specific analysis this topic is too general. You may narrow it to something this kind Population of brown bear in Alaska or even more specific Creation of Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge in 1941 and so on. You may ask such question for the topic Wildlife in Alaska to narrow:

  • What type of animal I want to discuss? Bears? Rodents? Ungulates? Canines? В etc.
  • What subspecies of brown bear I want to explore? Grizzly or Kodiak?
  • What specific situation I want examine?
    Find the connections between reasons and consequences of situation?

Your topic may be presented in such organization:

  • The subject investigated: Wildlife in Alaska.
  • The specific topic of the investigation: Creation of Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge in 1941.Backgraunds.

The following a few tips will help with the topic search

Choose a topic that you are interested in. You can write your essay on practically anything even your life. You may focus on your past causes that lead to a present results or may affect your future life.
Choose a topic based on the material that you clearly understood. Writing the essay takes most of your energy by focusing on explaining and supporting your personal position and thesis, on building a good causes and effects connection. So, it is important that you understand and feel comfortable about the subject.
Select a topic that is thoughtful and urging. You cannot just restate already existing ideas on the topic. Your essay has to reflect your own individual and unique position and statements on your chosen topic. Your topic has to challenge you and let you express yourself accordingly to the researching material and causal link.

Your topic has to be both specific enough that you can connect the events and general enough that you can find enough information to support that connection and write a good cause and effect essay.

If you still thinking about your topic here some topics to pick:

1.Social issues:
What cause poverty in Africa?
What is the effect on children (or adults) of watching violence on TV?
Causes and effects of divorce.


  • What caused the Civil War?
  • What effect did WWII have on the Jewish people?
  • Collapse of the Soviet Union Essay. An analysis of reasons and consequences.

3.Health and Medicine:
What causes people to get blind?
What is the effect of globalization on the spread of disease?
Causes and effects of stress.

4. Technology:
What causes a video game to be popular?
What effect does cell phone use have?
Shopping online. Causes and effects.

  1. Education:
    What causes students to think school is boring?
    What effect does fine arts have on students?
    An analysis of home schooling.
    Make sure you choose the essay topic that is really important for you. Choosing the right essay topic makes your cause and effect essay more interesting and successful. The topic of your essay should have something to excite your interest.

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